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The idea with Betties is that most women's brands focus on negative stereotypes (arrogance,

unrealistic body image, elitism). Betties is the opposite. The Betties brand is about celebrating

women that are fun, sexy, supportive and down to earth.

Whats a Bettie?

To say a woman is a Bettie means not only is she attractive and sexy, she's also that playful person the guys want to come on that camping or ski trip… she is the friend everyone wants with them on that spontaneous journey.

So, what exactly is a Bettie? Like snowflakes, all Betties bring their unique charm and character to the name. That said, there are some common themes. For example, Betties are fun, exciting, playful, rascals that don't take themselves too seriously. If they aren't flirting, they're helping someone out and lending their support in a difficult situation. Maybe the biggest part about being a Bettie is.........   read more!!!

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We just finished the Ryan Rossi Tribute video. Ryan was a fantastic person and a great friend of Betties. We will all miss him so very much. We love you Ryan!!

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Betties Fashions loves everything about:

The term Betty refers to women that are attractive, stylish and self confident!
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Lola's Home Page, Lola is our most favorite Westie dog in the world!

The Black Chevelle Pump, a racy pump with a hidden platform for extra comfort,
hot rod pin striping adorns front and back for one of a kind style.

The Gray Chevelle Pump, another favorite in dangerous gray,
also with hot rod pin striping front and back for a very sexy look.

Show off that pedicure girls, with the Impala Peep Toe, A classic open-toe pump for all occasions,
and of course, with hot rod pin striping front and back for a nice classy look.

Gentlemen Start Your Engines! The Roadster Wedge - a wedge that promises to get you down the drag strip!
With sexy red and white hot rod pin striping across the front.

You're A Bettie In Zero Seconds Flat!!! The Nomad Flat, a sassy little flat has a hint of sparkle all over the shoe.
Fun hot rod pin striping adorns front and back for one of a kind style.